Terms and conditions

Area of application

These terms and conditions ("terms") apply to services offered on the website www.bonavendi.com ("website") and the corresponding applications for smartphones ("apps"). The services offered to the website / with the apps are offered by Rebuyprices UG (haftungsbeschraenkt), Bussardstr. 91, 82194 Groebenzell, Germany ("Bonavendi").

In any case, the terms apply that were avaiable on this page at the point of time the service was used by a user. By using a service on the website or the apps, the user approves the terms as they are stated on this page.

Service offering

The website/the apps offer services that compare conditions (especially prices) for selling and buying used items to (third-party) recommerce vendors ("vendors"). The vendors buy used items (e.g., books, CDs, DVDs, or video games) from customers or sell those items to customers.

Bonavendi has the objective to identify the best offers for the items. If the user decides to, he is refered to the respective vendor's website to sell or buy the items. Even though Bonavendi trys to include most of the relevant vendors on the market, Bonavendi preserves the full right to decide which vendors to include in the comparison. Bonavendi can not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, legality, and actuality of the offers. Users are not entitled to claim availability of the services. Bonavendi reserves the right to change the extent of the services or to shutdown the services without prior notice.

Recommerce sales

Bonavendi acts as a broker to support users getting in contact with recommerce vendors, eventually with users selling or buying used items to / from those vendors as part of a contract of sale.

Bonavendi is not involved in those contracts. The contracts are concluded between the user and the respective vendors only. The contracts are based on the terms of the vendors. Bonavendi is not involved in the fulfilment of the contract. Bonavendi is not liable for any claims emerging from those contracts. The same applies for all third-party services or products that are advertised on the website/the apps.

The content of the contracts, especially with regards to the prices, is determined not before the contract is closed between the user and the recommerce vendor. The information provided by Bonavendi is not part of the contract between the user and the recommerce vendor. Only the contract content agreed on between the user and the recommerce vendor is binding.

Bonavendi does not guarantee the correctness of any conditions or prices shown on the website/the apps, especially concerning the time period the offered price is valid. The conditions of the vendors shown on the website/the apps are no confirmation, guarantee or promise that a contract with this conditions can be agreed on between the user and the vendor.

Responsibilities of the users

The services that are accessible via the website/the apps, especially with regards to the data from the the underlying database, may only be used in ways approved by Bonavendi. The website may only be used with a web browser. It is not allowed to copy, forward or publish the data without approval of Bonavendi. Bonavendi may limit the number of requests that users may perform within a given time period.

A user's profile may only be used by this user. The user is required to treat the login data for his profile as confidential and to take appropriate measures in order to avoid third parties acessing his profile or login data.

The user obliges to comply to all applying legal regulations when using the services.

Deletion of profiles / locking of user accounts

A user can request the deletion of his profile at any time without providing reasons. Bonavendi will then timely remove the profile and all related user data. In order to do so, the user needs to send an email to the email address provided in the imprint of the website. Bonavendi preserves the right to exclude users from the service without providing reasons at any time.

Responsibility and liability for content

Bonavendi links to other content (of third parties), e.g., to vendors or advertisement partners. This content has to be considered "external content" according to ยง 8 TMG (Telemediengesetz, Tele Media Act by German law). As the content of these websites cannot be controlled by Bonavendi, Bonavendi is not liable for such external content. In all cases, the provider of information of the linked websites is liable for the content and accuracy of the information provided.

No infringements of the law were recognisable to Bonavendi for content on the website/the apps or external links when the links were placed. As soon as an infringement of the law becomes known to Bonavendi, Bonavendi will immediately remove the content/the link in question.


Bonavendi obliges to comly to prevailing data privacy acts. This is described in detail in the privacy policy. By accepting the terms, a user allows Bonavendi to use his personal data within the frame of the privacy policy.

Final provisions

The contractual relationship between Bonavendi and the user, regulated by these terms, is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany under exclusion of the UN purchase. Place of jurisdiction is Munich, Germany, unless the user is a business user.

Bonavendi reserves the right to change these terms for the future at any time. The changed conditions apply upon release and after notification of the user, and unless the user does not contradicts this within a reasonable period of time, which he again will need to indicate separately in the communication. In this case, a right entitles both Bonavendi and the user to a grace period.

Should individual provisions of these general terms and conditions be wholly or partially invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions remains unaffected. The invalid provision(s) is/are replaced by a legally effective provision which usually comes with the sense and purpose of the ineffective provision. The same applies to any gaps.

Last update: 12/09/2013