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Ecampus price comparison

You know Ecampus? You want to buy used stuff from Ecampus?

Our price comparison shows you what to best buy from Ecampus, and what you better buy from other vendors.

That's how buying used things online really pays off.

Can I compare prices from Ecampus on Bonavendi? Yes, the prices from Ecampus appear directly in the search results.
Terms and conditions: Free shipping on orders over $59.
Ecampus vouchers and promotions:

At the moment, there are no Ecampus vouchers or running promotions. As soon Ecampus will come up with a new promotion, you will see it here first!

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It's that simple

1. Enter item

Enter the item that you want to buy into the search field in the upper par of the website.

2. Identify best deal

We show you which seller offers the item for the lowest price.

3. Buy item

You are forwarded to the seller's website where you can actually buy your item. is a Lexington, Kentucky-based online portal that sells and rents academic textbooks and e-textbooks to students within the United States. was founded in 1999 by Wallace Wilkinson who also owned 90 college bookstores at the time.

In 2013, ecampus was officially awarded the Readers Choice Award for "Best Website for Buying College Textbooks" for the second consecutive year. It was the first online textbook retailer in the country and has saved students over $100 Million and still continues to adapt to students' preferences. Ecampus provides students with the best values in textbooks. is dedicated to providing students with the high quality service and affordable pricing they want. is the place to go if you are a student and want to save money when you buy, rent or download books. By buying used books, used textbooks or even used college clothing eCampus offers you some special rewards. Whenever you buy used stuff at Ecampus you automatically gain eWards that you can then use to buy used books or buy used textbooks. Ecampus also offers free shipping on orders over $59 and also bulk discounts on orders of 20 or more copies per title. Books must be at least $5.00 to qualify for bulk discounts. You get the most competitive prices available. The Free Shipping offer as advertised on the website does not apply to Purchase Orders or Bulk Book Orders.